ScholarChip - Charter Schools - Advanced Security and Attendance Solutions
ScholarChip K-12 Solutions
Each year, more and more charter schools adopt ScholarChip. Why? Because when real-time student multi-point attendance is leveraged in an intimate learning environment, often a key outcome is a greater sense of student accountability. Our innovative attendance services are easy to use and to maintain and help to create positive outcomes.
ScholarChip One Contactless Campus Card Solutions
A true one-card solution: photo verification, secure digital identity, enterprise attendance, cafeteria Point-of-Sale and physical access.
ScholarChip Attendance Solutions
ScholarChip reports in real time the last place a student presented their smart ID. We provide tools to assist in setting policy and to monitor for and report on non-compliance.
ScholarChip Student Transactions Solutions
Point-of-Sale from ScholarChip coupled with our school payment gateway offers a whole new level of automation and importance to K-12 student IDs.
ScholarChip Campus Safety Solutions
Our platform centrally manages large group entry points, physical door access and visitors, while our notification and alert services give you the tools you need to act.
ScholarChip Secure Data Solutions
It's often not about people; it's often about process, about the tools made available.
Data Security - School Safety and Operation System
We pay foremost attention to data security and have taken all necessary steps to guarantee our systems run continuously and that your data is fully protected. PCI certified and SSAE 16 CPA audited.