ScholarChip - Links and PDFs
School Safety & Operations System - SSOS PDF
ScholarChip has pioneered the concept of an integrated SSOS. We have combined advanced and visionary technology with attention to the nuances of school operation to deliver a platform that is both powerful and simple. Schools can build their ideal SSOS from the variety of components available at ScholarChip.
One Card Case Study PDF
One Cards were issued to all students and staff to help improve attendance at Westbury's high school and to increase student success rates across the district. As a result student attendance improved dramatically, administrative processes became more streamlined, security increased and teachers had more time for instruction in their classrooms.

Why You'll Want an NFC Phone PDF
NFC technology is highly secure, easy and fast. NFC technology simplifies connections by creating a highly-secure encrypted "handshake" between NFC-enabled devices. Credit card companies are already using the ISO 14443 standards which are seen more widely used in Europe today. The possibilities are limitless – NFC mobile phone applications will soon replace many of the card and paper-based items in your wallet.

NFC Phones and the Four Convergences PDF
The growing availability of NFC (Near Field Communication) phones, and users' willingness to consolidate their keys, identification cards, and various payment cards into a single secure device will create four dramatic convergences.
A ScholarChip Day PDF
A typical day in the life of a ScholarChip school serves to demonstrate the power and advantage of our cloud-based integrated School Safety & Operations System or SSOS. While most schools use only selected components of the platform, specifically optimized for their environment, the full integration of the SSOS platform allows them the freedom to add new applications at little or no cost.
Platform Security PDF
ScholarChip Card LLC proposes its platform as an enterprise-wide solution for K-12 school districts. ScholarChip considers student data security to be one of the highest objectives in designing and maintaining our application and strives for "end-to-end" student data security to ensure the most secure environment.
Solutions Overview PDF
The ScholarChip Platform is an integrated and centralized program for managing identity, attendance, location monitoring and security access. Components of the platform are the ScholarChip Contactless Smart Card and its associated hardware and software elements. The platform is a fully supported ASP solution.
Technical Environment PDF
The technical environment of the ScholarChip Platform is a product of the server-centric application model. This application model offers increased robustness, manageability and scalability when compared to the traditional local server model. The ScholarChip solution places few requirements on the desktop or backend platforms of a district because of its turnkey nature.
The ScholarChip School Climate Software & Components PDF
Schools are aware of the importance of school climate as a factor in providing quality education. ScholarChip is a leader in providing the right combination of hardware and software to manage aspects of school climate without taxing the local school infrastructure.