Maged Atiya - CTO/CEO (PhD in Physics)                                                                                                          
As a Research Fellow and Group Leader at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Dr. Atiya led experiments at Fermilab, Superconducting Super Collider and DESY (Hamburg, Germany) studying elementary particles and matter-antimatter asymmetry. As a member of the US Department of Energy Small Business Innovation board Maged was awarded several Cooperative Research and Developments Agreements and is a member of the American Physical Society.  

Ethan Schulton - Senior Software Project Leader                                                                                     
Ethan has been responsible for rollout of major applications and critical components as well as designing and implementing several architectural features.  

Theresa Hessel - Senior Software Engineer
Theresa heads our data integration team, working on numerous projects, including student information systems integration.

Eugene K. Senzer - Senior Project Manager, School Implementation
With three decades of experience in public education, Gene is responsible for project implementation and client support.