ScholarChip - Spotlight
Philadelphia School District will be the beneficiary of a new SEPTA system, which will use existing ScholarChip automated student attendance and identification technology to help the district create and manage student public transport passes. The system will do away with tokens, paper tickets, and magnetic strip passes, opting instead to use devices such as cell phones, bank cards, or pre-paid cards equipped with contactless technology to enable riders to manage their transit fares more easily.

The new SEPTA program will also do away with student bus passes—a cumbersome manual system which is estimated to require the services of approximately half a full-time employee for each school in the Philadelphia district. ScholarChip will provide a real-time interface between the existing ScholarChip student identification and attendance platform and the new contactless ACS public transport readers, meaning that students can use their identification cards as bus or subway passes on the SEPTA system. To learn more about ScholarChip integration with public transportation click here: Transportation

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